About Me

Hi! My name’s Stephanie. Thanks for visiting my blog.  My husband Tom and I are the people behind the scenes at our web site, Buttermilk Hill Online Country Market, but this blog is all my own. 

I live in a small town in Ohio called Delaware. Technically Delaware’s a city, but compared to cities like Columbus and Cincinnati, Delaware’s just a sleepy country town.  We have an old-fashioned downtown area that’s surrounded by a great little community and lots of beautiful country.

The country is what drew me here.  I grew up out in the boonies, and even after 11 years living in a very urban setting, I never felt at home.  Country feels home to me.  I love the cornfields, the critters, the friendly people, the neighbors, the farms, and all of the wide open spaces we have here in Delaware.

Life is very busy!  I have been blessed with a meaningful job and many friends, and these things make my life very rich.  In addition, I am a girl of a thousand hobbies.  I love to read, write, knit, garden, cook, can, travel, scrapbook – you name it, I’m usually willing to give it a go at least once.  I love to be busy but I also need time alone to recharge my batteries.

If I could visualize a perfect life, it would be very close to what I have now.  There would be a few differences, but they’d mostly be small.  I enjoy most every day, at least in some small way.  To me the key to life is enjoying the time as it passes. Each day is a moment in your life you will never get back, and I try to spend mine in ways that are enjoyable.  If something is meaningful to me I do it, usually at the expense of something less meaningful. (Which means if there is fun to be had, friends to hang out with, restful moments to be enjoyed or meaningful work to do, it will almost always win out over cleaning the house or pulling weeds.) 

Life is what you make it. So, make it!

Thanks again for visiting my blog.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Stephanie- I just realized we are both in Ohio! I live in Cleveland and have heard of Delaware. And we were both featured on Welcome Wagon : )
    I’m headed over now to check out your online store…

  2. Samantha says:

    I saw your blog listed in Cozy Little House, and had to check it out. I spent much of my childhood growing up on my grandparents’ timber farm in south-eastern Virginia, and it was called “Buttermilk Ridge”! What a nice blog you have. I’ll be visiting often.

  3. Tammy N says:

    Well, hello neighbor!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and just now realized you were from Ohio. I live in Marysville, previously from Western Ky and run a blog called Just Being Me. I used to be public as Ky Gal then went private with a different blog, but I’ve merged my blogs now into one and hope to stick with it…facebook seems to take a lot of my time…LOL!

    Anyhow, I liked your sunflower picture, and would like to invite you to Marysville this coming Saturday for our Festi-fair…lots of good crafts to be found downtown!

    • Hi Tammy – thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hi! How neat to make a new local friend! Actually, I’ve heard of Festi-fair – one of our current vendors is going to be at Festi-fair this weekend. (She makes the painted gourds and witches shoes on our web site.) I am going to a baby shower on Saturday but was hoping to come over beforehand – do you know where I could get the starting time for Saturday morning?

      Will you be there? I’d love to meet you to put a face with the name!


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