End-of-Summer Supper

There isn’t much left in the garden.  Some carrots and tomatoes, and of course the ever-abundant Swiss chard.

But what’s left is still delicious.   Last night we had fresh steamed carrots, super-ripe Roma tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, some wild rice, and a crab cake.  Man, what a dinner!  Summer’s winding down now.  Soon it’ll be too late for picking dinner out of the garden.  In the meantime, though, I’m going to enjoy every last, fresh bite. 

What’s left in your garden?

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2 Responses to End-of-Summer Supper

  1. Mmmm good looking! Healthy too and even a glass of ice tea.

  2. We just pulled out the squash and tomato plants except for the roma tomatoes. They still have a few red beauties on them. Our herbs are still looking good. We are going to try having a winter/fall kitchen garden with beets, onions, etc. Getting that started this Saturday!

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