UFO Sighting

Little green men figure

Image by twistypiper via Flickr

There’s a UFO in the dresser drawer in my guest room.

Also, there is a UFO in a box in my office closet. 

I’m not talking about the kind of UFO that has little green men. I’m talking about the really mysterious and scary kind… UFinished Objects.  

Do you have any UFOs?

The cool weather is coming, and crafty types like me will probably be spending more time in the coming months hunkered down working on new projects.  But what about the old projects? 

Last night at my knitting group, Naughty Knitty by Nature, I asked this question: “Do you have any UFOs?”  We’ve been knitting together for probably five years now, and we all know that there are partly knitted skeletons in each other’s closets.  My friend M. only has one UFO, and it’s her very first knitting project from her Knitting 101 class. (She did a beautiful job on the knitting itself, but finishing work isn’t her bag.)  Another friend, Karen, has a drawer full of UFOs next to her bed, and it haunts her. More accurately, it haunts her husband, who asks her why she never finishes a knitting project.  (Karen, you are terrific! But girl, I warned you that I was calling you out… It’s been probably 3 years since I started teaching you how to knit that striped Christmas stocking, and I want to help you finish it before this Christmas season arrives!)

So,  here’s the thing. I’m setting a goal for myself that before I begin any new crafts projects this fall, I am going to turn my UFOs into FFOs (Finally Finished Objects).   And here’s the other thing… I’m challenging all of YOU to join me.

So chime in here and tell me about YOUR UFOs.  Fess up!  Email me with photos if you like, or send me a link to your own blog and post about your progress. 

Join me in making a commitment: by November 1 (that’s about six weeks), what UFO will you proudly convert into a Finally Finished Object? 

Here are mine.  I’m comin’ clean.  The quilt’s been in the guest room dresser and hasn’t been touched in probably two years.  (The sad thing is, I probably started it four years ago.  And darn it, I’m going to finish it this fall and use it to warm my lap this winter.)   And the hooked rug?  Gosh, it’s almost done, isn’t it?  Come hell or high water, both WILL be completed by Nov. 1.  

Are you with me? 

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3 Responses to UFO Sighting

  1. Din says:

    Had to laugh out loud at this post!!! You DO NOT want to know how many UFO’s I have! I quilt — enough said. I have to put a blue binding on the ‘touchy-feely’ baby blanket I’m making for my new grandson, born August 27th. Excuse for not doing it before birth; wanted to know the sex as big brother already has one with white binding. Then I have a bed quilt, in stages of being appliqued and pieced, for Joni and Karen. Don’t think that will make it by Oct. 9th 🙂 (They know about it and even choose the pattern & material.) Then I need to talk to a step-granddaughter about choosing her graduation bed quilt. This will be the 4th HS graduation quilt I’ve made.

    Notice that we aren’t talking about the block of the month quilt that I’m now three months behind on — or several boxes of projects in various stages (have NO desire to count them up, even if I could. Then, I knit and crochet; two knitting projects that are UFOs and I need to crochet more hot pads and scrubbies for Christmas stockings.

    I can only laugh when I hear ‘UFOs’. Maybe that can be a New Year’s Revolution of mine — finish them. I have made a pact with myself —NO NEW PROJECTS STARTED EXCEPT FOR THE GRADUATION QUILT TRADITION!!!!!!!

    • LOL! I’m glad you enjoyed this post Din. And my oh my, that’s quite a UFO list you have there! 🙂 So, are you going to join us for the challenge? Why don’t you pick one and plan to get it finished by Nov. 1? (I hope you’ll join us! 🙂 Stephanie

  2. K says:

    I will do a line up soon of the UFOs. I love your alien.

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