An Upcoming Adventure

Ladies and gents… I am very VERY excited about an opportunity that’s come my way, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.  On Friday, Oct. 1, I have been invited to visit Garth’s Auctions, Inc. for a special “backstage tour!”  Christa Johnson, Director of Public Relations for Garth’s, has offered to give me a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in one of the country’s largest auction houses. And better yet, on auction day! 

I’ll have the chance to ask questions about how the auction world works, observe an auction in progress, take photographs, and more!  And of course I’ll rush back here after the auction to share photos and tell you all about it.  If there are things you’d like me to ask that day, please feel free to leave me a note so I can add your questions to my list.  I’m really excited about this unique opportunity and can’t wait to share all the backstage details with you!

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4 Responses to An Upcoming Adventure

  1. Brenda Kula says:

    How exciting! You know, I’ve never once been to an auction.

    • Me neither Brenda! Actually, that’s how this all got started. Garth’s is being kind enough to let me come and learn the ropes from the pros. I want to know it all – where their inventory comes from, how an auctioneer learns his trade, how much does it cost to visit the auction, and is it true that you shouldn’t nod your head or twitch your nose if you aren’t bidding? 🙂 Have anything you want me to find out while I’m there?

  2. Although I’ve been to an auction house in my younger more brave days, I’ve only witnessed an auction on the telly. Remember to enjoy yourself Stephanie:)

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