Beautiful Ohio

On Sunday, Tom and I made a road trip to Yellow Springs (near Dayton) to visit the shops there in search of new artists and crafters for the market.  The ride to Yellow Springs is fairly boring.  Going west out of Columbus it’s your typical Ohio highway scenery, and then you exit the highway and follow some very average backroads for quite some time.  (Corn fields and soybeans as far as the eye can see – that’s my kind of scenery.  Subdivisions and gas stations, not so much.)  Anyway I was just starting to wonder if we had taken a wrong turn when we came around a bend and laid eyes on the most beautiful sight:

“STOP THE CAR!”  I must have nearly screamed it while leaping from the passenger door in awe.  Who would have ever imagined such a beautiful view?  There were sunflowers in bloom for literally as far as the eye could see.  Simply incredible.  Beautiful Ohio!

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4 Responses to Beautiful Ohio

  1. Carol says:

    Oh I love sunflowers! I want to grow some at my home one day. Thanks for sharing the photo with us Stephanie:)

  2. Brenda Kula says:

    That is indeed one beautiful sight! A veritable sea of yellow.

  3. Gorgeous! That’s what I was hoping to see in Kansas but didn’t sadly. Maybe one day I’ll have a field of sunflowers. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing a wee bit of Ohio with us.

  4. rose says:

    the sunflowers look like italy. i have a friend who lives in yellow springs……. antioch college is sister college to new college here in sarasota, fl. love your blog!

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